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Upgrade home inspections, has to be one of the best, if not the best home inspections company I have ever worked with! I worked with Nick, he worked tirelessly for hours being very thorough, checking and taking pictures of every Nook and cranny. All the while by adding additional comments and checking with me from time to time while inspecting a over 5,000 square feet home. Not only will I highly recommend this company but look forward to working with them again.

Staceyann D

Nick is thorough and filled with information. He is a total professional and is willing to answer any questions you have. It was a pleasure working with someone who wanted to make sure that we knew everything there was to know about the property we were interested in.

Niecy M

Honesty, integrity and a caring way. This is what we experienced with Nicolas Brunetti when we sold our home. His word is something you can count on. His hard-working energy helped us in selling our home to be something meaningful to both us and to Nicolas. It is a blessing to know him, and we would recommend him highly to anyone for any thing that they might need.

Dennis and Catherine D

I have never met anyone more committed to providing great service

Jesus A

I have worked with many investors over the years yet none that hold such high standards for themselves like Nick Brunetti does. He is professional, courteous and an absolute amazing contractor and I feel privileged to have my name associated with his! Pleasure doing business with!

Michele R

Dear Nick, All of your help and encouraging words were a true blessing. Thank you for being so kind and helping me move forward in this troubling time. Love and prayers.

Patricia G

Professionalism, Expertise, Reliability. From buying and selling homes to renovation, (and now Professional Home Inspections) Upgrade Property Solutions always ‘hits the nail on the head’. Nick Brunetti runs this business with a the utmost care and extreme diligence. Expect high quality results and a personal experience regarding any of your estate needs. I give Upgrade Property Solutions my highest recommendation!

Ryan o

Nick at Upgrade Property Solutions is an absolute professional; he always goes above and beyond the standard with all of the properties and transactions he is involved with, I cannot recommend him more.

Lorenzo L. A

It is a pleasure doing business with Nick and his company. As an investor, I love to watch my money grow and I am very satisfied with my rate of return. The communication and updates on all the projects is wonderful and also a lot of fun to watch!


Excellent service. Nick inspected my perspective new home and was super patient and thorough throughout the inspection process.


Nick Brunetti offers an outstanding home inspection service. Not only is he very thorough and detail oriented but also a highly efficient communicator. When you try to close on a house moving swiftly is key. Nick understands this and does his best to accommodate your needs. I got an inspection appointment within two days and the inspection report on the same day as the inspection itself – this is just phenomenal! Nick has a vast experience in the construction business himself and is ever so kind to patiently answer all your questions or give valuable recommendations and maintenance suggestions. I cannot say enough good things about this skilled and pleasant inspector and started recommending his services to everyone in my family and neighborhood who might need a home inspection. Once again thank you Nick for a highly professional and reliable service and your patience in answering all my questions. (Will crosspost because such a good service deserves to be promoted).

Eva-Marie K